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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Disaster Relief



February 21, 2014:

Chainsaw Team responded to Aiken, SC in response to damage from an ice storm. Blue Hat:  Bill Alexander; Bernard (B.A.) Andreu; Jan Herczogh ; Keith Kelley; Robbie Lee; James "Bryan" Simmons; William "Bill" Strickland; Ken Varner
August 12, 2013:
Mudout Team responded to Seneca, SC in response to flooding of a house. Gary Kelley was the Blue Hat.
November 6-12, 2012:
Chainsaw Team responded to victims of Hurricane / Super Storm Sandy in the Hammonton and Manahawkin, New Jersey. David Mahn was the Blue Hat.

September 2011:
A Chainsaw Team left on Thursday, September 1 for Leonardtown, Maryland in response to Hurricane Irene. David Mahn was the Blue Hat. 

May 2011:
A Chainsaw Team and an Assessment Team left on Monday, May 2 for Trenton, Georgia, an area that was hit hard by three tornadoes in one day. They returned on Friday, May 6. David Mahn was the White Hat.

  • Chainsaw Team: Jim Blackstone, Blue Hat; B. A. Andreu, Blue Hat; Freida Andreu; John Bailey; Joye Bailey; Ken Varner; Bryan Simmons; David Miller; Paul Bull; Trent Callaham; Anna McAlister; Jack McAlister.
  • Assessment Team: Kim Padgett; Sandy Brown; Bonnie Alexander; Milton Alexander.
October, 2009:
Two mud-out teams responded to Georgia to help with cleanup from flooding.
  • October 12-19, 2009 - Mudout / Douglasville, GA:  David Mahn, Blue Hat; John Allen Bailey; Jim Blackstone; Tom Haslam
  • October 14-17, 2009 - Mudout / Lawrenceville, GA:  Bill Alexander, Blue Hat; Trent Callaham; Robbie Lee
April, 2009
  • April 15, 2009 - Chainsaw / Anderson, SC:  David Mahn, Blue Hat; Bill Strickland; B. A. Andreu; Kevin Morrison; Charlie Ward
  • April 17, 2009 - Chainsaw / Camp McCall, SC:  B. A. Andreu, Blue Hat; Bill Alexander; evin Morrison
March 09 DR Training 
We had forty-one DR members sign up for the Beaverdam DR call list at the Spring Training at Brushy Creek, including several new members !
February, 2009
Beaverdam chainsaw teams have responded to Kentucky to assist in the cleanup after the ice storms:
  • February 9-14, 2009 - Lebanon, KY: David Carver (Corinth Seneca), Blue Hat; Trent Callaham (South Union); Jeff Redmile (Seneca); Eddie Schrader (Bounty Land); Bill Strickland (Earle's Grove); Ken Varner (Seneca); Thurman and Emily Rodgers (Blythwood, Columbia).
  • February 17-21, 2009 - Greenville, KY: Brian Ramey (Holly Springs), Blue Hat; Danny Reighley (Holly Springs)
  • February 23-28, 2009 - Greenville, KY: David Mahn (Westminster), Blue Hat; Trent Callaham (South Union); David Vaughn (Retreat); Kim Padgett (FBC Bluffton).
  • Februay 24-28, 2009 - Greenville, KY: David Carver (Corinth Seneca); Ralph Shuler (Mt. Pleasant, Monetta).  
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January 12, 2009 - Report to the Executive Board:
  • The Disaster Team and Units participated in 6 local Christmas parades in December. Team members also were bell ringers for the Salvation Army.
  • State Disaster Relief Training will be March 6 and 7 at Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Taylors.
  • The Team will carry both units to the Garrison Arena, Pendleton, for the 7th Annual Sportsman's Exhibition on Saturday, January 31, at the request of Men's Ministry, Utica Baptist Church.
  • We will have a Team meeting soon, and will talk about building replacement teams for feeding and / or assessment.
  • Our team will be going to Camp McCall soon to cut trees out of the trails in preparation for their summer camping season. This is an excellent opportunity for new team members to get hands-on chainsaw experience.
  • Disaster Relief statistics from the North American Mission Board for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike (2008):  62,803 - Volunteer Days, 5,455,305 - Meals Prepared, 868 - Mudout days, 5,545 - Chainsaw jobs, 49,968 - Showers, 16,119 - Laundry Loads, 5,253 - Chaplaincy Contacts, 248 - Professions of Faith 

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October 13, 2008:
In the next two months we are going to take part in the Christmas parades and the Salvation Army bell ringing. If you are interested in either of these, please let Bill Alexander know by email or phone, or call the associational office at 882-7070. When we are ringing the bell, we will be wearing our disaster relief hats. Each shift will last two hours, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. This will give you the opportunity to be part of the disaster relief here at home and help your local community.
October 13, 2008:
We were unable to build a mud-out team to respond to Texas. A special thanks to David and Bonnie Mahn who went back to Texas to bring the BBA DR unit home when the Port Arthur site was closed. 
September 27, 2008:
Three team members made up our second response to Hurricane Ike in Port Arthur, Texas. Team members were:  Robbie Lee (Madison), blue hat; Keith Kelly (Cheohee); David Miller (Westminster First). They joined a team from Spartanburg, and completed 30 jobs.  The BBA DR unit was left on site for additional team.   
September 18, 2008:
A seven member BBA DR team responded to Hurricane Ike in Port Arthur, Texas. Team members were:  Robbie Lee (Madison), blue hat; B.A. and Freida Andrew (Mountain Rest); Trent Callaham (South Union); Randy Koon (Mountain Rest); Steve Smith (Earle's Grove); and Jim Blackstone (Spartanburg FBC). Our DR unit was left on site in anticipation of replacement  teams from Beaverdam responding. Following is David Mahn's report.
     On 9-18-08
, a team from Beaverdam Baptist Association traveled to Port Arthur, Texas for disaster relief. Upon arrival, we moved into Trinity Baptist Church which was our headquarters and new home. There was no power and it was hot. Opening the windows introduced us to Texas mosquitos ... yes, they really are BIGGER ...
     At suppertime there was no food, and no one to prepare it if there had been. As a team, we rode around until we found a Waffle House running off a generator. We had scrambled eggs and hash browns because that is all they had ... GREAT meal.
     Back at church, two of our members were grabbed to "help out in the kitchen." This became a week-long job. They cooked meals, served them, and cleaned up afterwards. Both volunteers still worked with the team all day, every day.
     We started work in the morning removing debris and trees from houses, yards and driveways. Over the week we completed 28 jobs. That was 28 households that were contacted for Christ. We were met with happiness, tears, relief, disdain in one case, and even indifference in another, but they all knew that we had been sent to THEM by Christ because of His love.
     In spite of all the adversities and problems, it was a great week. We quickly became "The Yellow Rose in Texas" because of our yellow DR t-shirts. Once the phones were back in service, storm victims would call the church and ask for "the yellow guys" to come help them.
      Remember, God is good, great, and still on the throne, and we thank Him for sending us.
September 1, 2008:
A BBA team was called out in response to Hurricane Gustav and pre-positioned in Shocco Springs, Alabama. However, before beginning work on their assigned site, they were called back and returned home.

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Beaverdam Baptist Association Disaster Relief Ministry
     On Palm Sunday 1994, a tornado swept through northern Oconee County disrupting lives and damaging homes. the compassionate respone of our community was amazing! Following this experience, in 1995 the Beaverdam Baptist Association Brotherhood, under the leadership of Clayton Burdette, led the association to purchase and equip a disaster relief trailer. That same year, the unit assisted in cleanup efforts following disasters in Florida and South Carolina.
     Southern Baptist Disaster Relief uses the strong partnership between the North American Mission Board (NAMB), State Baptist Conventions, and associations to enlist, train and activate volunteers. The South Carolina Baptist Convention Provides Disaster Relief Training, and all Beaverdam Disaster Relief Team members must participate in this specialized training.
     Our unit is a recovery unit (chainsaw and/or mudout) and is one of 114 disaster relief units in South Carolina. The unit is equipped to assist in tree and debris removal after disasters such as tornado, hurricane, windstorm, etc.   


Needs:      Trained Disaster Relief Volunteers. 
Contact:     Beaverdam Mission Center at 882-7070.

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